December 10, 2023

Personal security guide for travellers


Nigeria is facing a serious security challenge, so if you must do inter-state travel note the following:

1. Schedule it between 9am to 4pm. Don’t leave too early and don’t be caught in the late hours.
2. Remove titles from your phone contacts. Example: Hon, Alhaji, Chief, Inspector and military ranks in general.
3. While driving, focus on the road and ensure that every 5-7 minutes, there is traffic on the returning lane.
4. Try not to exceed 100km per hour so you can make your judgements timely. It will also help you look out for traps and appreciate the terrain.
5. If you can, please don’t use tinted sheets on your car. It passes a message to bandits and criminal elements that you are a uniformed man/woman.
6. Make sure you always have a spare tyre, plug and fuel pump in your car. Don’t ignore this.
7. Even if you are not the one driving, put your phone away and keep your eyes on the road.
8. Moving in a convoy has proven not to intimidate criminal elements. Bandits took on an 8-car convoy along Kaduna-Abuja last December.
9. If you must stop to buy food article or ease yourself, it is advisable to take that break at a town or village.
10. These are safety tips. They will help tremendously but cannot guarantee total protection from these elements. (Author unknown).

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