December 10, 2023

NEBPRIL launches official website

Network for Best Practice and Integrity in Leadership (NEBPRIL), a non-for-profit and non-political organisation registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has launched its website,

Since it was founded a year ago, NEBPRIL has been making interventions in key areas of its objectives and mission.

A statement by Secretary of the group, Mr. Edward Dibiana, said the launching of the official website will help trust factor among stakeholders, provide a resource and information data center as well as receive feedback from the public.

The statement said the group’s mission is “to build a better society where the true principles of the greatest good to the commonest people are upheld and sustained; where both leaders and followers serve without blemish.”

It said it’s aims and objectives include:
“* To advocate for good ethics, values and professionalism in public office in Nigeria.

* Campaign for people-oriented policies that will add value to the lives of the citizenry.

* Encourage and support accountability, transparency and credibility in public office.

* Stand against corruption and any form of financial, procedural and administrative infractions in public office.

*Project good governance, best practices and strict adherence to public service rules and the rule of law.

* Stand against victimisation, intimidations, and undue high-handedness in public offices.

*To ensure that public office holders
uphold the tenets and principles of leadership which are dependent on integrity, truthfulness and honesty.

*Provide trainings in leadership, anti-corruption, good governance and due process.l

* To hold leaders accountable to their promises and programmes

* Collaborate with national and international agencies and other civil society organisations in promoting transparency and good governance in Nigeria particularly and in Africa generally.”

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