December 10, 2023
Integrity Watch

How Nigerian banks are ripping customers off


By Banjo Stephen

Nigerian Banks have finished this Nation.
They are silent killers and unarmed robbers.
If you’re in doubt, below are series of charges always placed on innocent customers in a single banking transaction.

1 VAT.
2. Account maintenance charges
3. SMS alert charges
4. Transfer charges
5. Postal STAMP DUTY charges
6. Weekend charges.
Now, the Apex bank, the unarmed robbers’ boss introduced a CASHLESS ECONOMY whereby everyone does not need to carry cash for any transaction.
The problem is this: I am Cement Trader. The landing cost of a bag of cement is #2,550 while we sell #2,600. That is a profit of just #50 per bag of cement.

Now on every 2 bags of cement, a customer transfers #5,200 into my account due to CASHLESS policy and my profit is #100.
To my amazement, the bank deducted the following on that transaction!

1. #53 transfer charges.
2. #100 Postal STAMP duty.
3. #6.98 VAT.
4. #76 SMS alerts charges.
5. #93.13 account maintenance charges.
If that was not enough, on every single transaction, both account FROM which money is being transferred and the account TO which money is being transferred were charged for same transaction.
If you’re in doubt, find out by requesting for your account statement.
Don’t forget the bank had already laid off and reduced number of staff due to self service banking system o bcos more customers don’t have to visit banking hall for transaction again. So. Amount being paid on salaries and allowances of staff has dropped.
Did the CBN Governor or FED government know what they are doing at all?
Or it was a deliberate act of exploiting the poor citizens?
So, we are now being tricked, enslaved by Government and the Bank?
This government will still come and collect income tax, trade permit at both state and federal level.
Who do we offend in Nigeria for us to have such extremely bad leaders, worst agencies and bad Nation like this?
No wonder businesses are folding up and liquidated on daily basis!?!
No wonder people now bury cash in cemeteries and farms?
Our Senators and House of Rep members who are supposed to be vanguard of the common people are not but a curse as well.
Who will put an end to all this injustice?
While I run around in the rain and sun for business to survive, the bank management just sit back in air conditioning and relax to feed on our sweat.
Very soon, they will complain of shortage of cash in circulation because people will find alternative savings and security for the cash.
Please, kindly help repost until it gets to the appropriate authorities to end the Nigerian Bank madness.

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