December 10, 2023
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Fraud in NDDC reflects government’s character

THE Network for Best Practice and Integrity in Leadership has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to clean up the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

In a letter to the President, dated July 17, signed by Dr Aminu Idris, Director of Investigations, the group said: “The information in the public domain makes it difficult for any keen observer of the sordid development in the commission to exonerate any of the parties involved in this unfolding national scandal, hence the urgent need for Mr President to take actions which will address the sleaze in the NDDC, to save the nation from further embarrassment and also protect the integrity of your administration, noted for the anti-corruption crusade.”

According to NEBPRIL, the mismanagement of NDDC “is a collective indictment on both the legislative and executive arms of government, influential politicians and the system that permits such brazen corruption.

It warned that unless President Buhari took urgent action now he could be encouraging fraudulent individuals among the political class to continue to see the NDDC as plundering grounds to satisfy their greed.

“Flowing from the above premise, and to ensure public trust and integrity of the process of the probe and eventual outcome, we urge Mr President to urgently put in place a professional, independent investigative panel that will assist him in unearthing the truth and end this macabre soap opera and save the people of further agony.

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